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Coral dental specialists

Welcome to Coral dental specialists!

Pediatric Dentist
General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Mutawalli Diplomate of American Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Campos General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Josephs Periodontist
Dr. Adusumilli Orthodontist In Alliance with Coral Orthodontics

Office offers unparalleled dental treatment to Children, Teens and Adult Patients

Our office provides high quality Dental treatment for all age groups 
 at most affordable cost in a very friendly and approachable atmosphere. The office is equipped with state-of-the-art digital imaging, x-rays and other dental equipment that aid in delivering the most efficient dental
care possible.

We are located close to Coral Springs and Parkland, Our patients are our main priority. We are especially interested in making you feel right at home! We treat every patient like extended family, and we enjoy the relationships that we establish during and after treatment.

Our Services


Dental Exam and X rays


Cleaning and Prevention


pediatric dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry




crowns and restorations




laser dentistry


oral surgery


teeth whitening

What Sets Us Apart

We are passionate about smiles and having the latest technology is one step we can take to help save yours!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to the most suitable dental treatments that based on patient?s current teeth or gums condition, concerns, desired outcomes and budget.


pediatric dentist

The purpose of using braces is to make the best of your teeth. This includes allowing you to bite correctly, eat more comfortably, and to care for your teeth and gums more easily.

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